January 2018

The more hands, the lighter the work. Even while working with steel. Together with the Weidevenne foundation, municipality Purmerend, Foldam Staalbouw and construction company Kakes Deurwaarder, Merwestaal was one of the contributers of the development of a corten steel globe. This globe is placed on a roundabout in Weidevenne district in the city of Purmerend. It is designed by Jan Beentjes, an urban planner. His design was chosen by the citizens of this district in a contest of 5.

Jan Beentjes is proud that his design was the one the citizens chose to be executed. “This globe is a symbol for the four quadrants of Weidevenne. The material, corten steel, is maintenance-free and has a rough look and feel. The orange/brown color fits the environment.” Merwestaal was asked to supply the material for the globe. The local company Foldam Staalbouw was asked to create it.

“The district is very special, it is spacious and green. In addition, the architecture is very divers. This was the key during the development of the district and this beautiful globe is the crown juwel.” Councillor Hans Krieger entitled the globe as a ‘beautiful finale’ in the development of the Weidevenne district.

Picture: Foldam Staalbouw