Machining work on our steel

Simplicity is the key and that is precisely what we aim for. We are your one point of contact for steel and everything to do with steel, so this also includes machining!

We have a separate department with an automatic polishing/grinding machine and a cutter for preparing the bevel. This is also known as bevelling. We can create bevels on any edge or shape that you require.

Sand blasting
Merwestaal op Maat can supply any sand-blasted steel products that you need. Sand blasting removes dirt, rust and mill scale which ensures better protection and bonding. Our sand-blasting machine can blast steel sheets or work pieces of up to 12 metres in length and 2 metres in width. We can arrange for wider sheets to be sand blasted by one of our trusted partners.

Red lead
We can also apply red lead after sand blasting. This increases the durability of your steel. The red lead forms an excellent protection and bonding layer.

Do you have a project that involves folding? This is no problem. Thanks to our trusted partners, we can take care of this for you and offer you a complete package.