As the production company of Merwestaal Groep, Merwestaal op Maat offers you full peace of mind.

We understand only too well that time is money! That is why we specialise in the cutting and machining of flat steel work pieces. We do everything under one roof! We do a great deal in house to take care of all your requests and projects. Our 3 autogenous and 3 HD plasma cutting machines enable us to do custom cutting of thick, flat steel with thicknesses ranging from 3 mm to 300 mm according to your needs. With a capacity of 23 metres in length and 4 metres in width, we can satisfy almost any request. Would you like us to perform extra machining in addition to cutting? We provide specialised machining in house such as applying bevel, sandblasting, red lead and folding.

However, our package of services does not end there! You can also rely on us for shaping, annealing and reauthenticating your components. We can provide a range of tests for materials, including the US and Z tests. These are carried out under NEN1090 up to execution class 4. We provide the complete package! It is no coincidence, incidentally, that we are an all-round steel supplier. We can and do offer you full peace of mind! How can we help you? Take a look at our extensive capabilities below and contact us with no obligation. We will be pleased to answer your enquiries!


Merwestaal Op Maat has all the capabilities in house to make a high-quality and reliable contribution to the realisation of your projects, wherever they may be in the world.

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+31 (0)168 38 22 00

Merwestaal has been officially certified since 2014 under NEN-EN 1090 up to execution class 4. You can rely on us for all matters involving civil engineering. We are your partner for high-quality cutting and we work in accordance with the latest guidelines and regulations.