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We place a high priority on our clients. For this reason, we tap and drill steel in house. Given the continually higher demands placed on cutting work, holes increasingly need to be drilled instead of cut. Whereas many companies need to outsource this work, we offer you full peace of mind! We are ready to help you, either with cutting work or as a partner that can machine pre-cut work.

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Merwestaal Metalworking offers you full peace of mind! Where many companies need to outsource drilling and tapping work, we offer you these services fully in house.


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+31 (0)168 38 22 00

Merwestaal has been officially certified since 2014 under NEN-EN 1090 up to execution class 4. You can rely on us for all matters involving civil engineering. We are your partner for high-quality cutting and we work in accordance with the latest guidelines and regulations.